MEG 2: The Trench Official Trailer


Are you ready to dive into the depths of the deep blue sea? The brand new trailer for MEG 2: The Trench is here, and it's guaranteed to leave you with a thirst for more!

This action-packed sequel takes us on an underwater journey with Jonas Taylor, as he challenges an ancient creature from the depths of the Mariana Trench. With its breathtaking visuals and heart-stopping action sequences, MEG 2 promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Go behind-the-scenes and explore how the filmmakers brought this thrilling story to life. From the cutting edge special effects to the star-studded cast, this is your exclusive invitation into MEG 2: The Trench. So hold your breath and let's dive in!

MEG 2: The Trench Official Trailer Released

The wait is over! The official trailer for MEG 2: The Trench has been released, and it's sure to excite all the action and horror fans out there. In the movie, you'll get to experience an exciting underwater adventure as you tag along with Li Bingbing and Jason Statham in their mission to hunt down the megalodon.

You'll get to see them explore a deep trench at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, steering their high-tech submarine through narrow canyons, weaving around unusual creatures, and battling against a powerful shark—yes, a megalodon—with its menacing jaw-like teeth. Plus, watch out for thrilling car chases on land and above water.

The film promises to be even crazier than its predecessor, with more intense action scenes and more unexpected twists. With its spectacular visual effects, edge-of-your seat thrills, and a cast of legendary actors—what more could you ask for? MEG 2: The Trench is ready to take audiences on an adventure that they'll never forget!

Jason Statham Returns to Battle Prehistoric Shark in Sequel

If you're a fan of the thrilling action franchise MEG, then you've got something to look forward to—the official trailer for MEG 2: The Trench is finally here. This time, Jason Statham is back and ready to take on a terrifying prehistoric shark like never before.

The first movie saw Statham bravely battle the monstrous Megalodon, and now he's taking it up a notch. In the sequel Statham is faced with an entirely new threat as he dives into the depths of The Trench—a deep, dangerous environment inhabited by ancient creatures from thousands of years ago.

MEG 2: The Trench promises plenty of suspense and explosive visuals. From harrowing submarine scenes to intense underwater battles against giant beasts, this movie has something for everyone who loves action and adventure. Get ready for an aquatic thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

MEG 2: The Trench Swims Into Theaters this August

You know what's extra exciting about this trailer? The official release date for MEG 2: The Trench—August 2023! Get ready for the next epic chapter in the incredible story!

Battle Of The Titans

In this movie, we can expect to see an even more intense battle between the Megalodon and its new nemesis, the dreaded Leviathan. This will be an epic clash of the titans that will make you hold your breath for sure!

Visual Feast

MEG 2: The Trench also promises to be a visual feast like its predecessor. With state of the art special effects and innovative camera angles, as well as well as spectacular underwater shots, you won't want to miss a single second of this action-packed sequel.

So clear your schedule for August 2023—MEG 2: The Trench is swimming into theaters near you! And if you need a reminder, just keep an eye out for future trailers and interviews with the cast to get even more excited about this must-see movie!

The Meg Is Back in Action Chomping on New Victims

You probably remember how exciting it was the first time the Meg swam out of the deep and terrorized unsuspecting beachgoers. And you can get ready for that same suspenseful tension all over again as The Meg is back in action! In MEG 2: The Trench, we catch a glimpse of some awesome action shots featuring the Meg chomping down on some new victims.

The trailer shows some amazing shots of:
  • The Meg taking on an army of sharks
  • Swimming around an underwater mining facility
  • Emerging from the depths to take down boats and helicopters
  • Unleashing a wave of destruction in an epic showdown with the heroes of the movie.
That's right—it looks like Jason Statham and his intrepid team are back for another round, ready to do battle against this unstoppable predator of the deep. Get ready for some truly jaw-dropping action sequences as The Meg takes on all comers!

MEG 2: The Trench Trailer Promises More Shark Attack Action

Are you ready for more shark attack action? From the producers of MEG comes the second installment in the series, MEG 2: The Trench!

The much-anticipated trailer promises a thrilling journey to the deepest parts of the ocean and back, as Jonas Taylor and his team embark on an unlikely mission: to rescue a research submersible that's been trapped in a crevice which has been plugged with ancient Megalodon teeth.

All-Star Cast plus Brutal Shark Fight Scenes

Not only does MEG 2: The Trench feature an all-star cast, but it also showcases incredible new special effects and brutal shark fight scenes that are bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seat. With returning stars Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, and Li Bingbing, plus new faces such as Robert Taylor and Rainn Wilson, this film looks like it will be one not to miss.

An Epic Underwater Adventure Awaits

What else can you expect when watching MEG 2: The Trench? Well it looks like Jonas Taylor and his team will have to battle against treacherous conditions in the deep seas—they'll be going head-to-head with Megalodon sharks of unprecedented size, facing off against one of nature's greatest predators who dwells in these unexplored depths. Hold onto your hat—an epic underwater adventure is coming your way soon!

Fan Reaction to MEG 2: The Trench Official Trailer

It's safe to say that MEG fans around the world rejoiced when they saw the official trailer of MEG 2: The Trench. The trailer alone was enough for fans to get excited about what the film has to offer.

Reasons for Fan Excitement

What got fans so worked up? Here are some of the reasons why:
  1. Action-packed Scenes - With thrilling chase scenes, intense shootouts, and high-octane explosions, it's no wonder audiences were looking forward to its release.
  2. More Giant Sharks - Bigger than ever before, these aquatic predators were ready to strike fear into audiences everywhere and make them think twice before going into the ocean.
  3. Cliffhanger Ending - Who doesn't love a good cliffhanger that keeps you wanting more? The action packed ending left viewers on a high, waiting in anticipation for what will happen next.
With its great visuals and promising storyline, MEG 2: The Trench is ready to blow away audiences with its action-packed scenes and heart-stopping moments!


MEG 2: The Trench is sure to be an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat thriller! With its star-studded cast, incredible special effects, and thrilling plotlines, this sequel to MEG is one you won't want to miss.

Whether you're a fan of Jason Statham or are just looking for a good action-packed movie to watch, MEG 2: The Trench is sure to be an exciting experience. Don't forget to catch it in theaters this August!
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