Counter-Strike 2


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Jan 25, 2023

As I was playing CS 1.6 recently, I happened to stumble upon the original Counter-Strike website and realized that Valve will be releasing a sequel to the original Counter-Strike this summer, simply titled Counter-Strike 2. This will be a free download just like CS:GO, however since they are officially calling it a sequel it will feature some major technical upgrades, including a face lift to all of the maps, new smoke effects and now the smoke from grenades is fully responsive and can be shot at and manipulated to see through. This looks very interesting. I have had a full read through on all of the new features on their official website

I will need to get a video card when this comes out since it is a PC exclusive, I got rid of my old one. Are there any Counter-Strike fans out there who still play 1.6? I am not a big fan of CS:GO, but considering this is a sequel, this may override all previous installments and become the new standard for all Counter-Strike games that have come before it. Finally, a true sequel to Counter-Strike after 23 years! Half-Life 3 coming soon...?

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