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This walkthrough will guide you through the twists and turns of Planet Zebes and aid you in your quest to eradicate the Space Pirate threat once and for all.



As you descend into the depths of Planet Zebes, the dangers awaiting you grow more treacherous with every step. The cavernous tunnels and precarious platforms will challenge your skills and test your resolve. But never forget why you have come - to defeat the Space Pirates and reclaim the stolen Metroid hatchling they hold captive. You are Samus Aran, intergalactic bounty hunter, and this is your most perilous mission yet. Prepare yourself for the trials ahead. Sharpen your reflexes and wits. Master your weapons and power-ups. The road is long, but at its end lies your destiny. There is no turning back now. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands alone. This walkthrough will guide you through the twists and turns of Planet Zebes and aid you in your quest to eradicate the Space Pirate threat once and for all. Stay vigilant, fight bravely, and may fortune smile upon you, bounty hunter! The final battle approaches.

Obtaining the Morph Ball


To acquire the Morph Ball in Super Metroid, you must first defeat the Spore Spawn boss and collect the Morph Ball located in its chamber.
  • Head to the door on the right side of the Spore Spawn room which leads to a vertical shaft. Drop down until you see a ledge on the right with an opening leading into a tunnel.
  • Roll through this tunnel to enter a room with platforms moving up and down. Carefully jump across these platforms to the door on the other side.
  • In the next room, roll under the closing door to get into a chamber with two Ripper enemies. Defeat the Rippers, then roll into the tunnel in the upper right corner.
  • The tunnel leads to a room containing the Morph Ball. Collect the item, then return through the tunnel. The Rippers will have respawned, so destroy them again.
  • Head back through the platform room and shaft to return to the Spore Spawn chamber. Now that you have acquired the Morph Ball, you can access previously unreachable areas by rolling through narrow tunnels and gaps.
With the essential Morph Ball in your possession, a plethora of new sectors and items become available for exploration on planet Zebes. Be on the lookout for any passages or crevices that you can now traverse using the Morph Ball to roll through. This versatile ability will prove invaluable in discovering all the mysteries Super Metroid holds.

Exploring Brinstar


Once you land in Brinstar, it's time to start exploring. This area is expansive, so proceed carefully.
  • Head south from your ship to find a missile expansion, then continue left to discover a door leading to blue Brinstar. For now, keep exploring the green section.
  • As you move east, you'll encounter your first enemy, a spiky creature known as a Skreek. Use your Power Beam to defeat it, then jump onto the platform it was guarding to find an Energy Tank, your first suit upgrade. This will increase your maximum health.
  • Drop down and go right to find a narrow passageway. Roll into a morph ball to navigate it and bomb the cracked blocks at the end to reveal a hidden chamber with another missile expansion.
  • Return left and go north, bombing blocks to open new paths. You'll discover an elevator room; this connects multiple levels of Brinstar. Ride it up and go left to find a reserve tank, increasing your maximum missile ammo.
  • Drop back down and continue left to discover Brinstar's map room. Download the map to gain an overview of the area and locate items you've missed.
  • As you explore further left, watch out for Skreeks and Sidehoppers, who leap from the sides of passageways. Dispatch them with your Power Beam and missiles as needed. With patience and persistence, you'll discover the many hidden items and paths Brinstar has to offer.
Continued exploration of Brinstar will lead you to new upgrades, doors to additional areas like Norfair, and eventually to the boss of this region. Take your time - with so many secrets to uncover, Super Metroid's world is meant to be savored.

Kraid's Lair and Brinstar Depths

To progress further in Super Metroid, you must navigate Kraid's Lair and the dangerous Brinstar Depths. This area is filled with hazards and enemies, so proceed with caution.

Kraid's Lair


Kraid's Lair is home to the boss Kraid. Before facing him, you must traverse his lair.
  • Make your way through the spikes and enemies, collecting power-ups and missiles along the way. The Hi-Jump Boots will allow you to reach higher ledges.
  • The Wave Beam is necessary to pass through certain gates. Its charged shot can also destroy multiple enemies at once.
  • The Speed Booster allows you to run at supersonic speeds to pass through certain doors and access new areas. Use it carefully, as its speed can be difficult to control.
  • The Spazer Beam shoots three beams at once, making it easier to hit enemies and open gates.
  • Collect the Power Bombs to access certain doors and defeat enemies. But use them sparingly, as you only have a limited number.
Once you have collected the necessary power-ups, head to Kraid's chamber to battle the massive creature. Defeating him will allow you to access Brinstar Depths.

Brinstar Depths


Brinstar Depths is a dangerous jungle region with many hazards and enemies. New power-ups will help you progress, including:
  • The Space Jump allows infinite jumps to cross large gaps.
  • The Screw Attack damages enemies just by spinning into them.
  • Super Missiles have more firepower than regular missiles.
Make your way through the area, avoiding acid pits and defeating any enemies in your path. The Omega Metroid at the end of Brinstar Depths guards an important upgrade you need to progress further on your mission. Stay alert and make use of your new power-ups to defeat this threat.

With Kraid and the Omega Metroid defeated, you now have access to new regions to continue your quest. But dangers lurk around every corner, so keep your wits about you, bounty hunter!



Once you have acquired the Morph Ball and Bomb upgrades, you'll gain access to Norfair. Norfair is a massive, maze-like area filled with lava pits, acid pools and enemies. Navigation can be tricky, so follow these tips to traverse Norfair:

Map your Route

Study the map to determine your path before heading into Norfair's depths. Look for save rooms, elevators and landmarks to help orient yourself. Norfair has multiple levels, so mapping your course in advance will minimize backtracking.

Use the Morph Ball

The Morph Ball allows passage through narrow tunnels - look for openings in floors, walls and ceilings to roll through. The Morph Ball can also access hidden areas, so explore each room thoroughly. Bombs can destroy certain walls and obstacles, opening new paths.

Avoid Environmental Hazards

Norfair is filled with lava pits, acid pools and temperature extremes that rapidly deplete Samus' energy. Watch out for collapsing floors and use the Spider Ball or Space Jump to cross precarious terrain. The Varia Suit upgrade protects Samus from intense heat, allowing access to otherwise unexplorable rooms.

Defeat Enemies

Norfair hosts some challenging foes, like the fire-shooting Crocomire and wall-crawling Space Pirates. The Ice Beam can freeze foes in place, allowing you to shatter them with missiles or charge shots. Super Missiles and Power Bombs effectively eliminate multiple enemies at once.

Locate Key Items

Important power-ups are hidden within Norfair's tunnels, including the Wave Beam, Space Jump, and Screw Attack. The Wave Beam disperses beam shots, increasing their range. The Space Jump provides double jumping ability and the Screw Attack destroys certain enemies and blocks.

With patience and cunning, you can navigate Norfair's treacherous landscape and unlock its valuable upgrades. Be resourceful, watch for hidden paths and use your abilities wisely - the rewards found within Norfair will aid you for the rest of your mission.

Ridley's Lair


To successfully navigate Ridley's Lair in Super Metroid, you must prepare adequately and proceed with caution.

Gather Supplies

Before entering Ridley's Lair, ensure you have a full energy tank and at least 50 missiles. The Space Jump ability and Screw Attack upgrade will allow you to cross large gaps and deal damage upon jumping on enemies. The Power Bomb can destroy multiple enemies at once.

Enter the Lair

Ridley's Lair is located in Crateria, beyond a tunnel in the Wrecked Ship. Drop into the tunnel and continue right, using Space Jump to cross gaps. In the next room, use Power Bombs to destroy the Zebesians. Drop through the hole in the floor.

Traverse the Lair

You will encounter flying enemies, Space Pirates, and force fields in this area. Use missiles and Screw Attack to eliminate the enemies. Look for hidden passages behind force fields or in the floor to progress. Activate energy refill and missile recharge stations when available.

Face Ridley

The boss of this area is Ridley, a large space dragon. He will swoop across the screen, swipe at you with his claws, and shoot fireballs. Dodge his attacks while firing missiles and using Screw Attack. When he is stunned, attack aggressively. After defeating him, you will acquire the Screw Attack upgrade.

Escape the Collapsing Lair

With Ridley defeated, a countdown will begin. Quickly retrace your steps through the lair before the countdown reaches zero. Use Space Jump and Screw Attack to cross gaps and climb ledges. Exit through the tunnel to Crateria to escape before the lair collapses.

Following these strategies and steps carefully will lead you to victory over Ridley and allow your escape from the lair. With Ridley out of the way, you can continue your quest to defeat Mother Brain and escape Planet Zebes. Stay alert, explore thoroughly, and utilize all available abilities to overcome the challenges that await you.

Lower Norfair

The Wrecked Ship

Upon entering Lower Norfair, head left through the door and down the elevator. You will emerge in a room with acid on the floor and a locked door. Use the Speed Booster to run up the narrow ledge on the left, then jump and wall jump up to the higher ledge to find the door.

The Wave Beam


Through the door is a large room with side hoppers and Rippers. Head up and to the right, wall jumping up narrow shafts, until you can go no higher. Run left, jumping over the acid pools, until you find a door. In the next room, defeat the Rippers and Space Pirates to reveal the Wave Beam. This beam allows you to pass through certain doors and defeat enemies.

The Space Jump Boots


With the Wave Beam in hand, return to the room with the locked door. Use the beam to unlock it and continue left. Descend until you reach a wide open room with a large acid pool. Cross using the Speed Booster and head up, then left to find the Space Jump Boots. These boots allow for infinite midair jumps, enabling access to new areas.

The Plasma Beam


Double back to the room where you got the Wave Beam. Take the lower path, using the Space Jump Boots to cross gaps and avoid enemies. Head left through a long corridor until you reach a massive room with platforms and Side Hoppers. Cross carefully, descending all the way down. In the next room, get the Plasma Beam, which can open orange doors and defeat certain enemies.

With all the major power-ups in hand, you now have the means to fully explore Lower Norfair. Be extremely careful, as the enemies and environmental hazards in this area deal massive damage. Proceed through the orange door to continue your mission. Stay alert, remain patient, and keep your energy tanks full for the challenges that await you deeper within planet Zebes.



Once you have obtained the Gravity Suit, Space Jump Boots, and Wave Beam upgrades, you are ready to infiltrate the final area of the game: Tourian. This is the heart of the Space Pirate base where Mother Brain resides.

Finding the entrance

To access Tourian, return to Crateria and use the Wave Beam to open the green door in the room with the missile recharge. Drop into the long vertical shaft and continue descending until you see a door on the right. Open it to enter Tourian.

Navigating the maze

Tourian consists of a maze of corridors and elevators guarded by Space Pirates. Your goal is to reach the chamber housing Mother Brain at the bottom. The maze can be disorienting, so drop Save Stations frequently and use the in-game map to track your progress.

Defeating enemies

The Space Pirates here are formidable, equipped with super missiles and able to avoid your attacks. Use the Wave Beam to stun them, then fire super missiles or charge beams to defeat them. The Wave Beam is also effective for destroying their missiles. If your energy runs low, don't hesitate to backtrack to recharge before proceeding.

Confronting Mother Brain

Once you reach the final chamber, you will see Mother Brain suspended in a glass case, guarded by two rings of guns. Destroy the guns to break the case, then hit Mother Brain's weak spot—the exposed organ on top of her body—with super missiles and charge beams until she is defeated. However, the battle is not over yet. Make sure you have full health and missiles for the final confrontation!

With patience and persistence, you can overcome the challenges of Tourian and complete this iconic game. Stay focused on your mission to defeat Mother Brain and don't be deterred by the difficulty. Keep trying and you will emerge victorious!


Once you have collected all the necessary power-ups and defeated Ridley, it's time to escape Planet Zebes. This will not be an easy task, as the space pirate Mother Brain will try to destroy your ship to prevent your escape. You must navigate through Tourian and defeat Mother Brain to finally escape the planet.

Reach Tourian

Make your way to the Tourian area deep in Brinstar. The entrance is located in a narrow vertical shaft that can be accessed with the Speed Booster ability. Once inside Tourian, you will encounter many dangerous space pirates and security systems trying to stop you.

Defeat Mother Brain


At the bottom of Tourian, you will find Mother Brain, the leader of the space pirates. She attacks by shooting plasma rings and summoning space pirates. Dodge her attacks and shoot missiles at her, hitting the glass case protecting her brain. After breaking the glass, shoot her directly in the brain to defeat her.

Escape the Planet

With Mother Brain defeated, quickly escape Tourian before it self-destructs. Head to your ship, fighting off any remaining space pirates. Once aboard your ship, take off from Planet Zebes as the entire planet explodes. You did it - you escaped the planet and defeated the space pirates! Congratulations on completing your mission.

To summarize, follow these main steps to escape Planet Zebes:

  1. Make your way to Tourian through Brinstar
  2. Defeat Mother Brain by breaking her glass case and shooting her brain directly
3.Quickly escape Tourian before the self-destruct sequence destroys it

  1. Get aboard your ship and escape as Planet Zebes explodes
By escaping the planet and defeating Mother Brain, you have completed your mission and stopped the space pirates. Enjoy the ending and congratulations on beating Super Metroid!

Super Metroid Walkthrough FAQs

Once you have completed your playthrough of Super Metroid, you may have some remaining questions about details in the game. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Super Metroid:

How do I get 100% item collection?

To achieve 100% item collection in Super Metroid, you must collect all power-ups, energy tanks, missiles, super missiles, power bombs, and reserve tanks. Some are hidden very well, so explore each room thoroughly. You can view your current item collection percentage on the map screen. Getting 100% will unlock artwork.

What order should I complete the areas?

The intended progression order in Super Metroid is:
  1. Crateria
  2. Brinstar
  3. Norfair
  4. Wrecked Ship
  5. Maridia
  6. Tourian
However, with certain upgrades like the Ice Beam or Space Jump, you can explore some areas out of order. In general, follow the paths that open up as you acquire new abilities.

How do I defeat the bosses?

Each boss in Super Metroid has a specific strategy to defeat it. Pay close attention to the boss' pattern of attacks and vulnerabilities. Some tips:
  • Ridley: Use charged shots and missiles when it's mouth is open. Dash under it when it charges at you.
  • Draygon: Use the Grapple Beam to stun it, then blast away with missiles and charged shots.
  • Phantoon: Dodge its projectiles, then blast one of its eyeballs. It will spin around, exposing its vulnerable core. Blast the core with missiles.

What are some useful sequence breaks?

Some useful sequence breaks in Super Metroid include:
  • Early Super Missiles in Brinstar - With precise wall jumping, you can get Super Missiles very early which help with bosses.
  • Early Ice Beam - Also with wall jumping, you can get the Ice Beam without needing to defeat Draygon. This allows access to Wrecked Ship early.
  • X-Ray Scope without Gravity Suit - Tricky to pull off but with bomb jumping you can get the X-Ray Scope without the Gravity Suit.
With practice, these sequence breaks can allow for an efficient speedrun through Super Metroid. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Having followed this walkthrough, you now have all the tools to successfully complete Super Metroid. With the various power-ups, abilities, and strategies discussed here, you can navigate the dangers of planet Zebes and defeat Mother Brain. Though the path will still be challenging, you have a map to guide you through the twists and turns of the ancient Chozo ruins. Stay vigilant, explore each new area thoroughly, and don't forget to save your progress regularly. Victory over the Space Pirates is within your grasp. Now go forth, Samus - the galaxy is depending on you! Fulfill your destiny and complete your mission. The fate of planet Zebes rests in your hands.

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