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This complete strategy guide will show you how to master the game's systems, crush every boss, find the best gear and items, complete all side quests, and unlock the secret ending.



So you've picked up the latest installment of the Final Fantasy series and you're ready to dive into the world of Clive and Joshua. But with massive open worlds, intricate leveling systems, and strategic real-time combat, Final Fantasy XVI can feel overwhelming for even seasoned fantasy RPG players. Don't worry, we've got you covered. This complete strategy guide will show you how to master the game's systems, crush every boss, find the best gear and items, complete all side quests, and unlock the secret ending. By the time you've reached the credits, you'll have explored every inch of Valisthea, dominated the rankings, and saved the Crystals (again). The journey may be long, but with this guide at your side, you'll be finishing the game in no time and be on your way to becoming the Warrior of Light. So grab your controller, pour a drink, sit back and enjoy - it's time to embark on an epic adventure.

Choose Your Character Class: Warrior vs Mage

So, you're about to start your epic Final Fantasy XVI adventure. First big decision: do you want to play as a mighty Warrior or a mystical Mage? It depends on your style.

Warriors focus on brute strength and melee combat. They have high HP and deal heavy damage using swords, axes and spears. As a Warrior, you'll be on the front lines, soaking up damage and destroying enemies with powerful attacks. The downside is you're useless at range and your magic abilities are limited.

Mages, on the other hand, specialize in black magic - they can devastate opponents with spells like Fire, Blizzard and Thunder from a distance. They also have useful support magic to heal allies or enhance their combat abilities. The trade-off is Mages have low HP and defense, so they're vulnerable in direct combat.

I'd recommend Warriors for beginners. They're simple to play and forgiving of mistakes. Mages are trickier to master but rewarding. They require strategic thinking to keep yourself alive while unleashing your arsenal of dangerous spells.

Whatever you choose, don't worry - your class only determines your starting stats and gear. As you progress, you'll be able to unlock abilities from other classes, so you can tailor your character to your playstyle. Mix and match Warrior and Mage skills, and you'll be an unstoppable force on the battlefield. The possibilities are endless!

So equip your sword or staff, prepare your spells, and get ready for an adventure you'll never forget. The world of Final Fantasy XVI awaits! What are you waiting for? Let the journey begin!

Leveling Up Your Character

To build your character into a formidable force, you'll need to focus on leveling up. The higher your level, the more skills, magic, and abilities you'll gain access to.

  • Defeat enemies and complete quests. The most obvious way to gain XP and level up is by defeating enemies and completing quests. Seek out the highest level enemies and quests you can handle for maximum XP.
  • Equip XP boosting accessories. Certain accessories like the Growth Egg or Moogle Charm will increase the amount of XP you gain from battles. Equip these as early as possible to maximize their effect.
  • Focus on one character at a time. Don't spread your XP too thin by swapping characters in and out of battle. Focus on maxing out one character's level before moving on to the next. Your high-level characters can then help power level the others.
  • Take advantage of XP buffs. Look for XP buffs offered by hotels, food, and skills. The effect of buffs stack, so use as many as possible at once for the biggest gain.
  • Grind in high density areas. Look for areas dense with enemies close together. Defeat the enemies, zone out, and return to find them respawned. Repeat this "grinding" process to quickly gain levels.
By diligently following these steps, staying determined, and not getting distracted, you'll have your characters leveled up in no time and dominating even the most formidable foes in Final Fantasy XVI. The rewards of power leveling are well worth the effort!

Obtaining Gil and Upgrading Your Weapons

To upgrade your weapons and stock up on supplies in Final Fantasy XVI, you'll need plenty of Gil, the in-game currency. Here are some tips to get you started:

Complete Hunts and Quests

One of the easiest ways to earn Gil early on is by completing hunts and side quests. Talk to every NPC you encounter to pick up new quests. Many of these are simple fetch quests or monster hunts that provide a decent Gil reward upon completion. Focus on quests slightly below or at your current level for the best results.

Sell Unneeded Items

As you explore the world and defeat enemies, you'll acquire many items, weapons and armor that you do not need. Don't just hoard these—sell them to merchants and shops for extra Gil. Weapons, in particular, tend to sell for a high price relative to their stats if they are for a lower level. Visit different towns and shops to get the best deals.

Steal and Pilfer

The Steal and Pilfer abilities allow you to take items from enemies during battle. Many of the items you obtain this way can then be sold for a profit. Focus on stealing from enemies 5-10 levels higher than you for the most valuable items. Be very cautious when stealing, as it may provoke the enemy into attacking.

Chain Encounters

Chaining encounters means defeating multiple groups of the same enemy type in a row without fleeing or leaving the area. For each new group defeated, you'll gain a chain bonus that increases the amount of Gil and experience points earned. Try chaining in areas with lots of weak enemies that you can defeat quickly for the biggest payouts.

With some time and patience, you'll have plenty of Gil to upgrade your weapons, stock up on healing items and progress to the next part of your adventure. Don't forget to also check in on new hunts and quests regularly for additional ways to earn money in between combat encounters and exploring dungeons.

Defeating Bosses and Summons

Defeating the formidable bosses and summons in Final Fantasy XVI will require careful strategy and preparation. Follow these tips to emerge victorious.

Target weaknesses

Every boss and summon has weaknesses that can be exploited. Study their attack patterns to determine the best times to strike, and use Scan or Libra to detect elemental, status, or equipment vulnerabilities. Then, equip abilities, spells, and gear that target those weaknesses.

Buff up

Before engaging in battle, cast protective spells like Protect, Shell, and Haste on your party to reduce damage, nullify status effects, and act faster. Reapply as needed. Consider also using items like Remedies or Antidotes preemptively.

Heal frequently

Have a character dedicated primarily to healing and resurrecting other members. Cure, Curaga, and Raise should be that character's main focus. Don't let your party's HP drop too low before healing.

Manage your MP and TP

Keep an eye on your magic and technique points, and don't deplete them completely. Use Ethers, Elixirs or Tents to restore MP and TP so you can continue using abilities. Reserve some MP for healing and escape in case you need to flee.

Use summons wisely

Summons can deal massive damage but also deplete large amounts of MP. Only call them when the boss or summon's HP is low to finish them off, or if your party is in dire need. Choose summons with elements or attack types that the enemy is weak against for maximum effect.

Following these strategies and adapting to the unique attributes of each boss or summon will see you achieving victory and advancing through the game. With practice, even the most formidable foes will fall before your might! Stay vigilant, fight smart, believe in yourself - and success will be yours. The fate of the kingdom depends on you!

Exploring the Open World

Once you've made it through the early parts of the main story in Final Fantasy XVI, the open world will become available for you to explore. This vast expanse is filled with hidden dungeons, secret items, and tons of side quests to keep you busy for hours.

Traveling the World

The easiest way to get around the open world is by chocobo, giant birds you can rent at any chocobo stable. As you ride around, you'll come across small villages, abandoned forts, and mysterious caves - be sure to stop and investigate them! Many contain useful items or trigger side quests. You can also find chocobo forests where wild chocobos roam. Catch one and it's yours to keep, allowing you fast travel between areas.

Secret Dungeons

Scattered throughout the world are secret dungeons, identified by a question mark on the map. These dungeons typically contain rare items, gil, and other treasures. Some also house formidable enemies and bosses. The rewards are great, but the risks are high. Make sure to save before entering and level up your characters for the best chance of survival. The ultimate secret dungeon is the infamous and dangerous Sky Palace, home to the game's most powerful weapons and armor.

Side Quests

Numerous NPCs in towns and villages will ask for your help with various tasks, like retrieving lost items, slaying monsters, or escorting travelers. Completing side quests nets you extra gil, experience points, and sometimes rare loot. They also reveal more details about the history and lore of the land. Be on the lookout for people with quest markers above their heads, and check back frequently as new side quests become available as you progress through the main story.

Exploring the open world of Final Fantasy XVI is highly rewarding. Around every corner, a new discovery awaits. Take your time venturing into every nook and cranny - you never know what secrets you may unveil or how it might help you on your epic journey. The open world is richly detailed, full of life, and endlessly entertaining. Make the most of your time here before advancing the main plot.

Completing Side Quests

Side quests in Final Fantasy XVI offer valuable rewards and a chance to explore the world. Completing them will make you stronger for the main story battles ahead.

Accepting Quests

Talk to NPCs with a "!" or "?" over their head. They'll usually ask you to defeat enemies, find items, or complete a small task. Accept any quests that sound interesting to you.

Finishing Quests

Once you accept a side quest, check your quest log to view the objectives. Travel to the designated location, defeat the specified enemies or obtain the requested items. Then return to the quest giver to claim your reward, which is often gil, gear, or other useful loot.

Recommended Early Quests

Some side quests are easier to complete early on. These include:

  • The Lost Chocobo: Help a chocobo wrangler track down three missing chocobos outside Corellia. Rewards a chocobo whistle to call your own mount.
  • Rat Infestation: Clear giant rats from a wine cellar in Vivec. Rewards gil and a bottle of rare vintage wine.
  • Missing in Mythril Mine: Rescue six missing miners from a mine filled with bombs and undead. Rewards mythril ore to upgrade your weapons.
Don't worry if you can't finish every side quest right away. Many are designed to be completed at higher levels or on your second playthrough. Focus on the quests suited to your current level and save the rest for later.

Benefits of Side Quests

In addition to the rewards, side quests provide extra playtime and flesh out the world of Final Fantasy XVI. You'll discover more about the land and its inhabitants by helping them with their problems. Side quests also allow you to gain valuable experience points to strengthen your characters before progressing to the next part of the main story.

With practice, you'll get better at managing your quest log and reaping the benefits of all the side quests Final Fantasy XVI has to offer. Good luck, adventurer! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Crafting and Cooking

Crafting and cooking in Final Fantasy XVI allows you to create helpful items, weapons, armor, and consumables to aid you on your journey. Some recipes and materials will only be available later in the game, so be sure to revisit towns and complete side quests to expand your options.

Crafting Gear and Weapons

At the blacksmith, you can craft new weapons and armor using materials you gather from enemies and harvest points. The quality of gear depends on the rarity of materials, so hunt down rare spawns and hidden areas to find the best loot. Gear provides stat boosts and special effects, so upgrade often to keep up with difficult enemies.

Cooking Consumables

Visit the local tavern or inn to cook up restorative items and stat-boosting dishes. Stock up on ingredients from merchants, then choose a recipe and the tavernkeep will cook the meal for you. Consumables provide temporary effects, so cook before tough battles or boss fights. Popular recipes include:

  • HP restoration dishes like Curry Rice or Meat Skewers
  • MP restoration choices such as Mage's Cheesecake or Mana Potage
  • Stat boosters like Power Protein or Swift Salad

Quest Rewards

Many side quests provide crafting diagrams or special ingredients upon completion. Help out villagers and travelers in need for access to the best gear. Rare quests may lead to legendary weapons or secret recipes, so explore thoroughly.


Once you unlock the synthesis ability, you can combine materials to create new items. This may produce gear, consumables, or key items unavailable through regular crafting. Synthesis requires rare catalysts, so open treasure chests and gather sparkling items to discover new syntheses.

honing your crafting and cooking skills provides a key advantage in FF16. With the best gear, a full stomach, and a variety of restorative items at your disposal, you'll be ready to face any challenge. Keep an eye out for new recipes and materials to expand your options. Master the art of synthesis to gain access to secret and legendary gear. And remember, a well-fed hero fights best!

Forming a Party: Choosing Your Allies

Choosing allies to join your party is one of the most important strategic decisions you'll make in Final Fantasy XVI. The characters you recruit can determine your success in battles and shape the way the story unfolds. When deciding who to add to your team, consider the following:

Combat roles

A balanced party has characters that can fill the traditional combat roles of tank, damage dealer, and healer. Tanks like Gladiolus draw enemy attacks and absorb damage. Damage dealers like Prompto and Ignis specialize in dealing damage to enemies. Healers like Iris keep the party alive by restoring health and providing buffs. Make sure your party has all three roles covered.

Weapon expertise

Pay attention to the weapons each character favors. For example, Prompto wields firearms, Gladiolus uses greatswords, and Ignis employs daggers and magic. Choose characters with weapons that suit your preferred combat style. If you like to fight from a distance, pick characters with ranged weapons. Prefer up-close combat? Select party members with melee weapons like swords or axes.


Some characters have special abilities that synergize well together. For example, Prompto and Ignis can perform unique link strikes by attacking the same enemy. Gladiolus's shield can protect Noctis when he's vulnerable while using his Armiger ability. Look for characters whose skills and talents complement each other for strategic advantages in battle.


The characters you recruit will also determine which secondary quests and storylines you can access. Each has their own backstory, motivations, and connections to the people of Eos. Choosing a diverse party exposes you to more of the game's lore and world-building. However, you may need to play through multiple times to see all character arcs and side stories.

In the end, choose characters you genuinely like and connect with. Your party members will be your constant companions through the adventures and challenges ahead. Pick allies you won't mind listening to for hours of exploration, combat, and cutscenes! Building a balanced and synergistic party is important, but enjoying their company is key.

Final Fantasy XVI Strategy Guide FAQ: Questions From Players Answered

Many new players have questions about getting started in the massive open world of Final Fantasy XVI. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from new players.

What class should I choose?

There are many character classes to choose from in FF16, like warrior, mage, archer or dragoon. For your first playthrough, I'd recommend going with a straightforward melee fighter class like warrior or dragoon. They have simple abilities that are easy to pick up, letting you focus on learning the game. Magic classes can be more complex to start with.

What quests should I focus on first?

Don't worry about rushing through the main story quests right away. Take your time exploring the world and completing side quests to level up your character. Some good starter quests are:

  • Hunting local beasts to earn gil (in-game currency) and loot. Talk to villagers to find hunting marks.
  • Courier quests to deliver items between towns. These are easy and let you travel the roads.
  • Helping the local guilds with tasks like clearing out monsters from caves or escorting merchants.

How do I earn and upgrade my weapons and armor?

The best way to earn new gear is by defeating enemies, completing quests, and looting chests. You'll start finding better gear as you progress to new areas. To upgrade gear, you need to collect materials like leather, ores, and monster parts. Take your gear and materials to a blacksmith in major towns to upgrade to higher levels. Upgrading your gear provides big boosts to your stats and damage.

What are the different areas and how do I unlock them?

FF16's world is split into many regions. You'll start in your home region but soon gain access to:

  • Plains of Dothalzel - Rolling hills and farms, connected to your home. Unlocked early on.
  • Kholusian Coast - Beaches, ports and islands in the south. Unlocked by progressing the main story.
  • Snowfields of Ghorim - Icy mountain region. Unlocked midway through the story.
  • Golmore Jungle - Dense rainforest. Unlocked late in the story.
New areas contain more quests, enemies, loot and secrets to discover. Explore each fully before moving on!

Let me know if you have any other questions about getting started in Final Fantasy XVI. I'm happy to help in your adventures!


With these tips and tricks, you'll be slaying beasts and saving the world in no time. Don't forget that patience and practice make perfect. While the bosses may seem impossible at first, keep at it and you'll get there. Most of all,have fun and enjoy the journey. Explore the world, get to know the characters, and savor every moment. Before you know it, the credits will be rolling and you'll be sad it's all over. But then you can start again on New Game+! Final Fantasy XVI awaits - now get out there and show them what you've got, hero!

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