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Welcome to a legendary world full of magical creatures and towering cities, wrapped up in a near-endless battle between hopes and despair. We're talking about Final Fantasy VII, an iconic classic from Square Enix and one of the most beloved titles in video game history.

Whether you're new to Final Fantasy VII or revisiting Cloud and company for old time's sake, this strategy guide will help you make the most out of your playthrough. We'll break down everything you need to know about combat, equipment, and materia to help you plan your journey and take on Sephiroth's sinister plans.

With handy tips from experienced players, plus helpful resources from official sources, we'll walk you through all of the basics so that you can maximize your gameplay experience with Final Fantasy VII. So lace up those boots, strap on your Buster Sword—it's time to save the world!

Obtaining Key Characters and Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy VII

Strategizing in Final Fantasy VII can be a daunting task. But luckily, you've got this guide to provide all the tips and tricks you need to complete it.

One of the most important elements of the game involves obtaining key characters and limit breaks. In order to access these, players must travel to special areas throughout the game world. However, sometimes these locations can be difficult or hidden away—so it's important that you pay close attention while exploring.

In order to access limit breaks, characters must accumulate damage in battle before reaching a certain level—the higher their level, the more powerful their limit break is. Likewise, certain scenes will involve dialog with key characters—answer correctly and they may join your party!

The key is to always be on the lookout for these opportunities because they can become invaluable assets in completing your mission!

Leveling Up & Mastering Magic Materia

Leveling up is key in the world of Final Fantasy VII – and mastering magic materia can be one of the best ways to do it. Magic Materia allows players to cast spells, and each spell has its own unique power. By mastering the right Magic Materia, you can access powerful spells that can give you the edge in mid-game battles.

But mastering Magic Materia isn't just about completing side-quests and gathering rare materials. To really optimize your experience, it's important to understand the intricacies of each spell. Here are a few tips to help you on your quest:

  • Know your materia: Each type of Magic Materia has its own unique progression system – so make sure you know which ones are most beneficial for your character class.
  • Level up your materia: You can level up your magic materia by using special scrolls or by linking them with other materia types.
  • Upgrade strategically: There are different levels for each materia, so be sure to upgrade only those that will give you the most bang for your buck.
  • Find reliable sources: Check out forums and game guides online for more tips on mastering magic materia – there's tons of great advice out there!

Winning Chocobo Races and Breeding to Get Knights of the Round

If you want to get your hands on the powerful Knights of the Round Materia, then you're going to have to do a bit of work. You'll need to win some Chocobo Races and breed your own Chocobos.

You'll need a Gold Chocobo in order to access the Materia, which requires winning a number of races. Here's how:

Get a stable of Chocobos

You'll need to catch some wild Chocobos and put them in your stables before you can really start racing. To find wild Chocobos, head over to any Chocobo tracks; these can be found in plenty of places around the world map, and they will be indicated by an icon shaped like a Chocobo footprint.

Once there, you'll be able to capture one with your Capture Materia or use Greens to lure them back. Get as many as you can!

Upgrade their stats

Before you start racing, make sure that all your Chocobos have their stats boosted as much as possible. To do this, feed them special items or take them out for walks with the "Chocobo Walk" ability—whatever it takes! The more you train them up, the better they will perform when it comes time for racing.

### Put your Chocobos through their paces

Once you feel ready, take your racing team into battle at any available Chocobo Tracks (you may need a decent amount of GP). Win races by placing bets on each race and choosing the right combination of Chocobos—sometimes luck is on your side! Keep winning until eventually you've built up enough points and won enough races to get yourself that

Defeating Powerful Enemies: Emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon & Safer Sephiroth

If you're looking for a challenge, take on the game's three most powerful enemies: Emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon and Safer Sephiroth. Defeating these fearsome foes requires a unique strategy for each of them, so we've included our top tips in this Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide.

Emerald Weapon

Taking on this creature comes with a warning: it's not an easy fight. It has incredibly high defenses, and it'll often counterattack with powerful magical attacks. Before entering battle, make sure your party is fully healed and equipped with melee weapons and armor that provides protection against lightning and wind magic. Also equip your party with Mega All materia; this will allow you to reduce the damage done by its signature attack "Aire Tam Storm". When you're ready, use the Knights of the Round Summon Materia to deal massive damage at once—just make sure you have enough MP to do it!

Ruby Weapon

Your toughest challenge is Ruby Weapon—it boasts an incredible 100,000 HP that needs to be whittled down over time. Prepare your party by giving them Ultima materia combined with Double Cut or Slash-All Materia which will help build up your Limit Breaks faster. Equip Choco/Mog for the Chocobuckle ability to help build up AP for Summon Magic more quickly, as well as Quadra Magic Materia which can cause major damage if all four elements are used correctly in battle. Also take combat items such as mega-elixirs or Megalixirs with you in case all else fails!

Safer Sephiroth

Safer Sephiroth is a formidable enemy and possibly the hardest one of all three. Have your party equip Ultima materia along with Summon magic such as knights of Round or Hades potentially paired with MP absorb so any Summons used don't eat up all your MP quickly. When attacking Safer Sephiroth directly, try using physical attacks and pairing them with Cross-Slash combo Limit Breaks when available. Lastly, use Phoenix Downs instead of Megalixirs on your character to avoid being KO'd shortly after reviving!

Finding and Unlocking Secret Areas: Midgar Zolom, Ancient Forest, Etc.

One of the greatest things about Final Fantasy VII is all of the secret areas that you can explore. From Midgar Zolom to the Ancient Forest, you'll find some truly awesome rewards if you manage to unlock them.

So how do you access all of the secret areas? Here's what you need to do:

Midgar Zolom

To unlock the infamous Midgar Zolom, you'll need to complete several tasks. You'll need to talk to a few people first and then make your way to the Mythril Mines on disk 1. After this, head over to Junon on the world map and go inside the looker's house for a cutscene - then you're ready for the battle against Midgar Zolom!

Ancient Forest

Ancient Forest is an area hidden in Wutai, near Yuffie's home village in Corel Valley. To get here, start by getting Yuffie and completing her subquest - then head back when ready. At this point you'll find yourself in an exciting dungeon full of secret items and challenges that will help your team level up and progress further in the game.

By finding these secret areas, you can get powerful items such as the Quadra Magic Materia or Omnislash Limit Break which will give your party an edge during battles. So make sure to explore every corner of FFVII if you want to make it through tougher boss fights - and find some great rewards along the way!

Obtaining the Best Weapons and Equipment for Your Party

What's an RPG without the right weapons and equipment? When playing Final Fantasy VII, you'll need to equip your characters with the best weapons and armor to stand a chance against tougher enemies. But how can you get them?


Materia is key for customizing your characters and obtaining powerful abilities. You'll need to equip materia in character's armor slots to increase their stats. You can find materia all over the world of Final Fantasy VII—in shops, by defeating monsters, and hidden in treasure chests.


Weapons are one of the most important components of any RPG character's equipment, and Final Fantasy VII is no exception. Weapons have stats that determine how much damage a character can do, so it's important to get the best ones available. Most weapons can be found in shops, but some powerful ones are only obtainable through side quests or rewards from bosses.


Armor is just as important as weapons—it determines how much damage a character can take. The best armor typically has high defense stats and helpful elemental resistances that give bonus protection against fire, ice, lightning, or other elements an enemy might use against you. Similar to weapons, most pieces of armor can be purchased from shops for Gil (in-game currency), while some powerful pieces must be obtained from side quests or rewards from bosses.

Armed with the right gear, you're ready to take on anything Final Fantasy VII throws at you!


If you're looking to make the most of your journey through Final Fantasy VII, then this strategy guide should have armed you with all the knowledge you need. You've been given an overview of the characters, the skills, the game mechanics, and the best strategies to face the toughest enemies and bosses. Your journey will be filled with exciting battles, epic moments, and a lot of fun. Just remember to stay diligent, humble, and focused - you can be the hero who saves the world! With the right attitude and the tips provided here, you'll be sure to persevere and achieve greatness. Good luck, and have a great time!

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