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This guide provides some tips to hit the ground running and start your demon-slaying adventures on the right foot.



As you venture into the highly anticipated action role-playing hack-and-slash game Diablo IV, you'll want to go in prepared. This guide provides some tips to hit the ground running and start your demon-slaying adventures on the right foot. Whether you're new to the Diablo franchise or a longtime fan, the world of Sanctuary can be brutal if you don't have a strategy.

You've chosen your character class and you're ready to dive into the game. But before you start button-mashing your way through the first dungeon, take a second to plan your approach. Having the right skills and equipment mapped out ahead of time will make a big difference in your gameplay experience. Use this guide to gain an edge over the forces of evil and stay alive long enough to uncover the secrets of this expansive world. The road ahead is treacherous, but with the right strategy you'll be defeating bosses and clearing dungeons in no time. So grab your weapon of choice, don your armor, and get ready to unleash hell on the hellish beasts standing in your way!

Choosing a Character Class in Diablo IV

So you want to battle the demons of Sanctuary, huh? First things first, you'll need to choose a character class to determine your playstyle. There are 5 classes to pick from in Diablo IV:

The Barbarian is a melee powerhouse, wielding massive weapons to crush foes up close. If you like getting in the thick of combat, the Barbarian's for you.

The Sorceress uses magic to destroy enemies from afar. She can cast fire, ice and lightning spells to decimate the demonic hordes. For those who prefer ranged combat, the Sorceress is a great pick.

The Druid harnesses nature-based magic and transforms into beastly forms. He can cast spells to influence the elements, as well as shapeshift into a werewolf or werebear. For versatile, nature-themed gameplay, go with the Druid.

The Rogue employs shadow magic, poison and blades to take down enemies with stealth and speed. If you want a nimble, roguish character who can quickly dispatch of foes, the Rogue is the perfect choice.

Lastly, the Necromancer raises the dead and curses enemies with blood magic. He commands an undead army to overwhelm opponents with sheer numbers. For those who want an army of minions to do their bidding, the Necromancer is ideal.

With 5 distinct classes, you're sure to find a playstyle you enjoy in Diablo IV. Now get out there and show those demons why they should fear the mortal realms! The fate of Sanctuary depends on the hero you choose to become.

Leveling Up Your Character Fast

To level up fast in Diablo IV, you've got to know the tricks of the trade. Here are some tips to have your character gaining XP and advancing through the levels in no time:

Focus on completing quests. Quests provide huge XP boosts, so make them a priority. Do the main story quests as well as any side quests you come across. Clear your quest log as much as possible.

Grind enemies. When you've done all available quests, grind by defeating enemies. Target enemies slightly higher level than you for maximum XP. Find areas where enemies spawn quickly and just keep battling.

Join multiplayer games. Team up with other players to take on enemies and complete challenges. Not only is there strength in numbers, but you'll also gain bonus XP for team kills. Join public games or play with friends.

Equip XP boosting gear. Keep an eye out for gear, weapons, and artifacts that boost your XP earnings. Equip as many of these as possible while grinding or completing quests. The XP will add up quickly.

Explore the map. Roam the open world and discover new locations, dungeons, and events. Exploring the map provides discovery XP and you never know what enemies or quests you might encounter along the way.

With the right strategy and technique, you'll gain multiple levels per play session. Don't forget to spend ability and skill points as you level up to strengthen your character. Now get out there and reap the XP rewards Diablo IV has to offer! Level cap, here you come!

Finding the Best Gear and Weapons

Finding the best gear and weapons in Diablo IV is essential to surviving the demon-infested world of Sanctuary. While you'll start with basic equipment, you'll want to upgrade as quickly as possible.

Complete Quests and Bounties

Completing quests and bounties is one of the fastest ways to find high-quality loot. Quests often provide gear or gold rewards upon completion, while bounties typically offer chests filled with items. Focus on finishing them whenever possible.

Check Vendors

Vendors in Diablo IV regularly rotate their inventory, so be sure to browse their wares frequently. Occasionally, they'll have rare and legendary gear available for purchase with gold. Buy anything that provides a significant stat boost for your character.

Farm Elite Enemies

Elite enemies, like champions, uniques, and bosses, drop the best gear. Target them whenever you encounter them, as they have a high chance of dropping rare and legendary items. Some areas, like dungeons, also have a high density of elites, so repeatedly clear them to maximize your loot finds.

Gamble at the Blacksmith

Once you've collected a good amount of gold and materials, visit the blacksmith to gamble for new gear. For a fee, he'll generate random items of a specific type (like chest armor or rings). There's always a small chance one will turn out to be a legendary item. Play the odds and gamble regularly.

Check Chests and Breakables

Never pass up an opportunity to loot chests, corpses, loose stones, or other breakables in Diablo IV. They frequently contain gold, crafting materials, and occasionally gear. Over time, the small finds from these add up and can be used to gamble or trade for more powerful equipment.

With some patience and persistence using these methods, you'll accumulate gear and gain power rapidly. Keep at it, and before you know it, you'll be slaying demons with the best weapons and armor Sanctuary has to offer!

Defeating Bosses and Dungeon Runs

Defeating bosses and completing dungeon runs are challenging but rewarding parts of Diablo IV. With the right strategy and equipment, you'll be conquering them in no time.

Choose your character wisely

Select a character class and build that suits the dungeon or boss. Melee fighters like the Barbarian do well against bosses with adds that need crowd control. Ranged classes like the Demon Hunter excel at kiting bosses across rooms. Choose skills and gear that maximize your strengths.

Do your research

Read online guides or watch video walkthroughs to learn the boss or dungeon's mechanics beforehand. Know what abilities they have and how to avoid or counter them. Learn the optimal path through dungeons to maximize loot and XP. Go in prepared and you'll have a much easier time.

Gear up

Have the best gear available to you for your level. Focus on gear that boosts skills or abilities you rely on, and gear with lots of vitality and resistances. Stock up on potions and any other consumables that could give you an edge.

Play defensively

With bosses and dungeons, it's better to be cautious. Don't rush in and get overwhelmed. Pull smaller groups of enemies at a time if possible. Kite bosses when needed to avoid their attacks. Dodge environmental hazards. Stay out of the fire! Keep your health and resources topped off after each fight.

Use all your tools

Utilize all skills, spells, companions and any other abilities you have to gain advantages. Have health potions, buffs and debuffs hotkeyed for quick use. Set traps or turrets before fights. Use movement skills to quickly escape dangerous areas.

By following these strategies, customizing your build, and practicing, you'll be defeating Diablo IV's toughest bosses and dungeons in no time. Stay determined and keep at it—the rewards for overcoming these challenges are well worth the effort!

Maximizing Your Builds and Abilities

To get the most out of your character build and abilities in Diablo IV, focus on maximizing their potential. Build diversity and synergy will be key to surviving the dangers of Sanctuary.

Choose Skills that Complement Each Other

Select active and passive skills that work well together to boost your power. For example, if you focus on fire skills, pick passives that increase fire damage or reduce the cooldown of fire skills. Look for skill synergies that cause additional effects when multiple skills are used together. These combinations can create devastating results.

Experiment with Different Setups

Don't be afraid to try different builds to find one suited to your playstyle. You may start with a basic build from online guides, but make changes to skills and gear that fit how you like to fight. An unconventional build that you enjoy using will often be more effective than a cookie-cutter build that you struggle with.

Gather Gear that Supports Your Build

Keep an eye out for gear, especially set items, that enhances your chosen skills. Gear can provide massive bonuses to specific skills or damage types. Equipping gear that complements your build can increase your power tremendously. Farm areas that drop gear suited for your build.

Use Crowd Control and Defensive Abilities

Include crowd control skills like stuns, slows or knockbacks to limit how many enemies can attack you at once. Defensive skills that provide damage mitigation, healing or avoidance are also important for surviving enemy encounters. Don't focus solely on offensive abilities.

Re-Spec as Needed

Don't hesitate to re-spec your skills and try different options if your build is struggling. The cost to re-spec is minimal compared to the benefits of finding a build better suited to your needs. You may also want to re-spec to switch roles between damage, tank or support. Experimenting with different builds will make you a better player.

With some time and practice, you'll be maximizing your build and dominating the Burning Hells in no time! Stay determined and be willing to make changes to create a build you genuinely enjoy using. The perfect build for you is out there—you just have to experiment to find it.

Completing Quests and the Main Story

Completing quests and following the main story is how you'll progress through Diablo IV. As you explore the open world, you'll discover side quests and events, but the critical path questline will ultimately move you through each act of the game.

Accepting Quests

Speak with NPCs marked by a exclamation point over their head. This indicates they have a quest available for you. Accept the quest to get the details on what needs to be done, then head out into the world to complete the objectives. Quests may involve defeating enemies, exploring dungeons, rescuing townspeople or recovering lost items.

Quest Objectives

Pay close attention to the quest objectives and any clues provided about where to go or what to look for. Your quest log will track progress and point you in the right direction. Some quests have multiple steps that need to be done in order. Finish one objective to get the next part of the quest.

Completing Quests

Once you've accomplished all the objectives, return to the quest giver to complete the quest. They will provide a reward like gold, gear, or experience points. Completed quests will move to the "Completed" tab in your quest log. Be sure to turn in all finished quests to reap the benefits and unlock follow up quests.

Following the Story

The main story questline will take you through each act, from encountering the demon Lilith in Scosglen to storming the Burning Hells. Key story quests are marked in your quest log. Finishing them progresses the plot and unlocks new areas. Pay close attention to dialog and cutscenes to fully experience the narrative.

Completing side quests along with the main story is the best way to level up your character, gain loot, and become powerful enough to face Diablo IV's challenges. A balanced approach of following the critical path while also exploring all the world has to offer will lead to the most rewarding experience in Sanctuary.

Farming for Gold and Materials

Farming for gold and crafting materials is essential in Diablo IV to improve your character and gear. Here are some tips to maximize your farming efficiency:

Focus on High-Value Targets

Some enemies and areas will yield better rewards than others. Focus on farming elite packs, dungeon bosses, and high-level zones like Mount Zavain. These tougher foes drop more gold and higher quality items you can sell or salvage for crafting materials.

Equip Gold and Magic Find Gear

Gear that increases your Gold Find and Magic Find stats will boost the amount of gold and items that drop from enemies. The higher these stats, the more loot you'll gain from each kill. Some Legendary items provide huge bonuses to these stats, so keep an eye out for them.

Complete Bounties and Quests

Bounties and quests provide lots of experience, gold, and loot upon completion. Prioritize these to level up faster and gain rewards. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. Only take on what you can handle, though, or progress will slow down.

Salvage Unneeded Gear

Any gear you do not need can be broken down into crafting materials by using the blacksmith. Rare, Epic and Legendary items yield the most and highest quality materials. Be on the lookout for gear with useful secondary stats like +Gold Find before salvaging, as these can aid your farming runs.

Sell to Vendors

While less valuable than crafting materials, selling unneeded gear and other items to vendors will generate extra gold. Any time you pass by a vendor, empty your bags of items to sell. Small amounts add up over time!

Following these tips will have you swimming in gold coins and crafting materials in no time. Focus, equip for efficiency, complete objectives, salvage the scraps, and sell to vendors. Rinse and repeat and you'll be decked out in Legendaries before you know it! Happy farming, nephalem!

PVP Battlegrounds and Leaderboards

Once you've reached level 60 in Diablo IV, unlocked all Waypoints, and completed the main campaign, it's time to test your mettle against other players in PVP Battlegrounds and on the Leaderboards.


Battlegrounds are areas specifically designed for player vs player (PVP) combat where teams of up to 8 players compete to complete objectives and rack up kills. The first available Battleground is called Fields of Misery, set in a sprawling zone in Act I. Teams battle for control of strategic points to earn points over a 10 to 15 minute match. The team with the most points at the end wins.

To join a Battleground, open your map and select the PVP tab. Queue up for either a casual or ranked match. Ranked matches affect your PVP rating and leaderboard standing. As you win matches, you'll earn PVP currency to purchase special cosmetic rewards like armor skins, weapon transmogs, banners, and mounts to show off your prowess.


For the ultra-competitive, Diablo IV features seasonal leaderboards to track your PVP accomplishments. Leaderboards rank players based on their PVP rating, which goes up when you win ranked Battleground matches and down when you lose. At the end of each season, the top players on the leaderboards earn prestigious titles and rare cosmetic rewards.

To see the leaderboards, open your map and select the PVP tab, then choose Leaderboards. You'll see rankings for solo players as well as team rankings if you regularly group with a partner or squad. In addition to the overall leaderboard, there are leaderboards for each class to see who the top Barbarians, Crusaders, Demon Hunters, etc. are each season.

If PVP is your endgame, prepare to pour hours into Battlegrounds and climbing the leaderboards to prove you're the best of the best in Diablo IV! Keep experimenting with different builds, team compositions, and strategies to dominate the competition. Who will claim the title of Season 1 PVP Champion? It could be you!

Diablo IV Strategy Guide FAQs

What character class should I choose?

Diablo IV offers five character classes: Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue and Paladin. Choosing a class depends on your preferred playstyle.

  • Barbarians are melee fighters who wield two-handed weapons and use brute force. If you like getting up close and personal, smashing enemies, the Barbarian is for you.
  • Sorceresses are ranged magic damage dealers. If casting fireballs, ice shards and lightning strikes sounds appealing, go with the Sorceress.
  • Druids are versatile shapeshifters that can fight in melee or at range. If you like the idea of transforming into a werewolf or summoning pets to fight for you, the Druid would be a great choice.
  • Rogues are agile combatants that rely on stealth, poisons and evasion. If you prefer a dexterous playstyle, striking from the shadows and dodging enemy blows, the Rogue is ideal.
  • Paladins are holy warriors that can heal, buff and deal melee damage. If you want to vanquish evil with righteous power while supporting your allies, the Paladin could be for you.

What is the best Diablo IV build?

There are many possible builds for each class in Diablo IV. A "build" refers to the skills, gear, and playstyle you choose for your character. The best build depends on your preferred playstyle and how much you want to optimize your character's power. Some options include:

  • For Barbarians, a Whirlwind build that spins through enemies with a two-handed weapon can be highly effective.
  • Sorceresses have powerful Fireball and Frozen Orb builds that pelt enemies with elemental damage from afar.
  • Druids can go for a Summoner build, calling wolves and vines to fight for them, or a Shock Wave build to slaughter foes up close.
  • Rogues might choose a Poison Arrow build, firing deadly projectiles from stealth, or a Shadow Clone build, dispatching enemies with illusory blades.
  • Paladins could go for an Aura of Conviction build to debuff and destroy undead and demons, or a Blessed Hammer build to spin hammers of light that crush all evil in their path.
The options are endless. Explore different skills and find a playstyle you genuinely enjoy - that will lead you to the best build for your needs. The rest will come with practice and optimization. Good luck, nephalem, and may the light guide your way!


So there you have it, your ultimate guide to mastering Diablo IV. With the tips and tricks we've shared, you'll be slaying demons and leveling up your character in no time. Don't forget to experiment with different builds to find what matches your playing style. The key is to have fun while crushing your enemies and looting lots of epic new gear. Happy hunting, nephalem! May your adventures in Sanctuary lead to glory and riches. If you get stuck or have more questions, be sure to check back for updates to this guide. Until then, keep those health potions stocked and your weapons sharp. The forces of Hell won't defeat themselves! Now get out there and show the Burning Hells what you're made of.

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