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The visuals have been given a stunning next-gen overhaul but at its core, this is the same unsettling Dead Space you know and fear.

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You've been waiting for this one. A remake of the classic sci-fi horror game Dead Space, fully rebuilt from the ground up to terrify new generations of gamers. When the original Dead Space was released in 2008, it redefined what was possible in the survival horror genre with its masterful use of tension, gore, and psychological scares aboard the derelict mining starship USG Ishimura. Does this remake recapture that same magic? In a word—yes. Prepare to re-experience Isaac Clarke's harrowing journey through a nightmare in space. The visuals have been given a stunning next-gen overhaul but at its core, this is the same unsettling Dead Space you know and fear. Turn off the lights, put on your best pair of headphones, and get ready for a fright.

Graphics and Visuals: How Visceral Is the Remake?

The graphics and visuals in the Dead Space remake are insane. Everything from the lighting effects to the tiniest details on Isaac's suit have been reimagined to make you feel like you're really exploring a massive space station 200 years in the future.

Visceral Games went all out on the visuals for this remake. The environments are richly detailed, with high resolution textures that make everything look crisp and realistic. The lighting is moody and atmospheric, using volumetric effects and ray tracing for cinematic quality. Characters and enemies also got a major upgrade, with new high poly models and 4K skins that capture every grotesque detail.

Exploring the USG Ishimura is downright spooky thanks to these enhanced visuals. Shadows dance menacingly, flickering lights create pools of illumination, and there's a pervasive sense of grit and grime that makes the ship feel lived-in. Little details like floating debris, ventilation shafts steaming in the cold of space, and frost forming on metal surfaces sell the chilling atmosphere.

The weapons and tools at your disposal have also been revamped. Isaac's iconic plasma cutter and pulse rifle have never looked better, with new animations, lighting effects, and higher resolution models that make them feel tangibly futuristic. Using kinesis to pick up and hurl sharp debris at enemies is extremely satisfying.

Overall, the visuals in the Dead Space remake are a treat for the senses and fuel the tension and fear at every turn. This is a gorgeous, unsettling vision of the future that horror fans won't want to miss. If you're looking for a visceral experience that will haunt you for days, look no further than this remake.

Audio and Sound Design: Still as Spooky as Ever?

The audio experience in the Dead Space remake is as chilling as ever. The sounds of your boots clanking on the metal floors of the USG Ishimura, the screeching of Necromorphs in the vents above you, the ominous ambient music—it all works together to keep you on edge.

  • The sounds of Isaac walking, running and stomping around are amplified in the remake, making you acutely aware of every step in the empty corridors. The ship feels more massive and lonely than ever.
  • The Necromorphs themselves are as unsettling as you remember. Their screams, shrieks and moans seem to come from every direction at once, even with surround sound headphones on. The audio design makes them feel unpredictable and everywhere.
  • The soundtrack, with its industrial ambient tones, builds tension and cues you into danger with its rising action and volume. The music swells and fades at all the right moments to keep your heart pounding.
While the visuals received a major upgrade, the audio experience is really the foundation of the fear factor in Dead Space. The remake has stayed true to the original in this regard, still making use of directional, spatialized audio to put you right in Isaac Clarke's shoes and keep you jumping at shadows. The sounds are just as much a part of the atmosphere as the flickering lights and cramped corridors of the ship.

Overall, the remake has kept what wasn't broken and built on an alreadyaward-winning formula. The audio experience alone makes this a must-play for any Dead Space fan or horror enthusiast. Turn off the lights, put on your headphones, and let the terror wash over you.

Gameplay: How Faithful Is It to the Original?

The Dead Space remake aims to stay true to the original in terms of gameplay while modernizing the graphics and controls. Overall, fans of the franchise should feel right at home.


The combat system remains largely unchanged. You still strategically dismember Necromorphs limb by limb using mining tools and makeshift weapons. The Plasma Cutter is still Isaac's go-to tool for slicing off arms and the Line Gun still helps when you're surrounded. Some new weapons have been added, like a rapid-fire Pulse Rifle, but the focus on tactical dismemberment persists.

Zero-G sections

The zero-gravity sections in Dead Space were ahead of their time and still impress today. Floating through the USG Ishimura while avoiding environmental hazards and fighting off Necromorphs is just as thrilling as before. The updated graphics make the massive ship and open space even more awe-inspiring and vertigo-inducing.


Like the original, the remake incorporates environmental puzzles that require restoring power, activating elevators, and more. Most are simple but effectively build tension as you scavenge for items while avoiding threats. Some new puzzles have been added, though they follow the same style of problem-solving under duress.


Scavenging for resources hasn't changed—you still stomp on crates and dead Necromorphs to collect credits, ammo, health packs and weapon upgrades. The crafting system has been expanded so you have more options to create items, though the core loop of defeating enemies, scavenging the area, and then using resources to improve your gear remains the same.

While the Dead Space remake has been visually overhauled to meet modern standards, its gameplay has largely been preserved. The strategic dismemberment combat, zero-G sections, environmental puzzles and scavenging for resources should all feel familiar to franchise fans. Some new additions and quality of life improvements have been made, but at its core, this is the same Dead Space experience you remember—just shinier and smoother. For devout fans of the original, this faithful recreation is a welcome return to the USG Ishimura.

Level Design: Do the Corridors Still Make You Claustrophobic?

The claustrophobic corridors of the USG Ishimura were one of the most memorable parts of the original Dead Space. Navigating the narrow halls of the mining ship always felt tense and unsettling. The remake retains this element, improving the lighting and texture work to up the spook factor.

Tight Spaces and Jump Scares

The corridors in the remake seem even more cramped and confining. As you walk through the halls, vents, machinery, and pipes line the walls and ceiling, making the space feel almost inescapable. The improved lighting casts shadows that could be hiding anything. You feel a sense of relief upon entering a larger room, only for a necromorph to burst from the ceiling for a jump scare.

  • The tight corridors create a feeling of being closed in and vulnerable.
  • Improved graphics make vents, pipes and machinery more detailed, adding to the claustrophobic feel.
  • Enhanced lighting and shadows keep you on edge about threats that could emerge from any direction.

Backtracking Through Familiar Halls

As in the original, you frequently have to backtrack through corridors you've been through before. Only now the halls may have changed, with new obstacles, enemies, or power outages altering the path. Returning to a familiar area that now feels unfamiliar ramps up the tension. You know necromorphs were there before, so they could emerge at any moment.

Backtracking through once-familiar areas that are now unrecognizable makes the player feel disoriented and heightens the fear of attack. The knowledge that enemies were present previously adds to the dread of what might jump out at you next. Exploring the ship feels like a frightening maze where the walls continue to shift and change.

No Place Feels Safe

Ultimately, no part of the Ishimura feels safe or secure in the remake. The claustrophobic corridors, constant backtracking, and ever-present threat of necromorph attacks around every corner or vent keep you on high alert. The remake masterfully preserves this unsettling element from the original Dead Space, ensuring no hallway feels comforting and nowhere on the ship seems free of danger. The effect is a psychological thriller that stays with you long after playing.

Enemies: Are the Necromorphs as Scary as You Remember?

The Necromorphs are arguably the scariest enemies in the Dead Space franchise. Do the grotesque creatures still strike fear into your heart in the remake?

Familiar Foes

  • You'll encounter familiar Necromorph types like the twitching Slashers, the bloated Pregnants, and the shrieking Lurkers. Their designs are faithful to the originals but with upgraded graphics that make them even more disturbing.
  • The Necromorphs utilize the same unsettling movements and attacks as before, lunging at you with claws and blades protruding from their mutated limbs. They continue to spawn from vents, drop from ceilings, and play dead only to surprise you when you least expect it.
  • Some Necromorph types like the Pukers and Spitters now have acidic projectiles that can damage your suit. This adds an extra challenge and reason to keep your distance from these foul beasts.

New Terrors

  • Not all is the same though. You'll discover new Necromorph variants specially designed to haunt your memories. One example is the skeletal Nurses, former medical staff now equipped with syringes containing a deadly toxin. Another is the blind but keen-eared Banshees, who unleash sonic shrieks to locate their prey.
  • The dev team has created additional types of the familiar Brutes, Leapers, and Stalkers. Some are more agile, some are more heavily armored, and some can even regenerate health. Talk about a difficulty spike!
  • The new Necromorphs up the ante, keeping you on your toes even if you've mastered defeating their counterparts in the original Dead Space. They blend in well with the old while bringing fresh scares and challenges.
Whether the Necromorphs fill you with as much fright as your first encounter depends on your tolerance for terror. But one thing is certain—these space zombies continue to be formidable and frightening foes in the Dead Space remake. Sweet dreams!

Weapons: Do You Still Get to Dismember Your Foes Creatively?

The dismemberment mechanic was a hallmark of the original Dead Space games. It added an extra layer of strategy to combat by requiring you to target specific limbs to defeat enemies. The good news is this feature makes a triumphant return in the Dead Space remake.

A Variety of Creative Weapons

You'll have access to a variety of weapons that can be used to strategically dismember your foes, including:

  • The Plasma Cutter: The classic mining tool turned Necromorph dismemberer. It can slice off arms, legs, and heads with pinpoint precision.
  • The Pulse Rifle: A rapid-fire machine gun great for shredding multiple limbs at once.
  • The Force Gun: Blasts enemies back while detaching their extremities. Useful for crowd control.
  • The Ripper: Circular saw blades that can cut through joints and bone. Particularly gruesome!
Each weapon can be upgraded with new attachments to increase damage, reload speed, clip size, and more. Experiment with different loadouts to find what works for your playstyle.

Dismemberment Strategies

The key to mastering dismemberment combat is knowing which limbs to target for each Necromorph type. For example:

  • Slashers: Remove the arms to prevent swiping attacks.
  • Leapers: Shoot off their legs so they can't pounce.
  • Pregnants: Target the stomach to stop it from releasing Swarmers.
  • The Hive Mind: Focus fire on its sacs and tentacles.
Dismembering Necromorphs not only incapacitates them but also viscerally satisfies. The grotesque transformations the creatures undergo as you chip away at them are unsettling yet rewarding to witness. Overall, the dismemberment system is just as thrilling and impactful as in the original games. Using strategy to systematically take apart enemies simply never gets old. This beloved feature's return is sure to please longtime fans.

The deadly weapons, creative combat, and gratifying dismemberment are all essential parts of the Dead Space experience. This remake has retained them all in spine-tingling fashion. Time to get to work, Isaac - those Necromorphs won't dismember themselves!

Story: How Well Does the Plot Hold Up?

The story in the Dead Space remake holds up well for the most part, with a few minor plot holes. The overall narrative arc of Isaac Clarke's fight for survival on the USG Ishimura against the Necromorph outbreak is still compelling. However, some aspects of the story could use a bit of updating.


The pacing of the plot feels uneven at times, with long stretches focused on puzzle-solving and combat interrupting the flow of the story. Additional cutscenes or audio logs filling in more details about Isaac's motivation and backstory, as well as fleshing out secondary characters, would help provide more cohesion and balance.

Character Development

While Isaac remains a likable everyman protagonist, his character feels underdeveloped. His reactions to the horrors around him seem oddly subdued. Adding more dialog and showing how his emotional state evolves over the course of the story would make him feel more complex and relatable. The side characters are also fairly one-dimensional. Secondary mission objectives centered around helping other survivors could provide opportunities for character growth and make their inevitable demises more impactful.

Plot Holes

Some plot points strain credulity, like how Isaac is able to traverse the Ishimura so freely when it's overrun with Necromorphs. Additional environmental storytelling showing how certain areas have been cordoned off or the Necromorphs' migration patterns could make his journey feel more plausible. The mysterious Marker also begs more explanation about its true purpose and origins to give more context to its influence over the outbreak.

Overall, the story in the Dead Space remake is still mostly sound, with many opportunities to flesh out additional details, enhance character development, build suspense, and fill in logical gaps to craft an even more compelling narrative for modern audiences. With some extra polish, the plot can hold up for many more years to come.

Characters: Are Isaac and Nicole Still Compelling?

In the Dead Space remake, Isaac Clarke and Nicole Brennan still remain compelling and complex characters, though some aspects of their backstories and relationships have been expanded upon.

Isaac: A Reluctant Hero

Isaac is still portrayed as an everyman engineer caught in a waking nightmare. Though more vocal than in the original game, he remains a somewhat reluctant hero who is mainly focused on surviving and escaping the Ishimura. However, we now get to see more of Isaac's life before the disaster through audio logs and visions of Nicole. These help humanize Isaac and make him a more sympathetic character.

Nicole: A Tragic Figure

Nicole, Isaac's girlfriend, is a tragic figure who meets a grisly end early on but continues to haunt Isaac throughout his journey. The remake expands on their relationship, showing that while loving, it was also complicated. Nicole's death still serves as a strong motivation for Isaac, with her loss fueling many of his emotions and decisions. Some logs hint at her being concerned for Isaac's mental health and drinking habits prior to her death, adding layers of depth.

  • Nicole acts as a moral compass for Isaac, despite her demise.
  • Visions of Nicole continue to manipulate Isaac's fragile mental state.
  • Nicole's death represents Isaac's inability to save her, adding to his survivors guilt.
Though more backstory is provided, Isaac and Nicole remain compelling because at their core, they are still relatable, flawed, and undeniably human. Players will likely find themselves even more invested in these two characters and their tragic tale of love, loss, regret and redemption. Overall, the Dead Space remake has enhanced these characters without compromising what made them so memorable in the first place.

FAQ: Answering Your Biggest Questions About the Dead Space Remake

Will the Dead Space remake be faithful to the original?

Dead Space fans, don't worry - the remake aims to stay true to the original survival horror experience that terrified players back in 2008. According to the developers, the remake will keep the same chilling atmosphere, frightening enemies like the Necromorphs, and gripping story of Isaac Clarke surviving the USG Ishimura.

What new features can we expect?

While remaining faithful to the original, the remake will also include new features to enhance the experience for modern players:

  • Updated visuals to take full advantage of next-gen console capabilities like ray tracing, allowing for ultra-realistic lighting and shadows. The USG Ishimura will look more frighteningly detailed than ever before.
  • Expanded areas of the ship to explore. Additional rooms, corridors and sectors of the Ishimura players couldn't access in the original will now be open to discover more story elements and secrets.
  • New puzzles and scares. The developers want to keep players on edge with fresh surprises and challenges, even for hardcore fans of the franchise.
  • Optional cooperative multiplayer. For the first time, players will have the option to team up with a friend to survive the Ishimura together in co-op mode. Working together will be key to overcoming terrifying obstacles.
  • Accessibility options. Features like subtitle sizing, colorblind modes, and controller mapping will allow more players of different abilities to enjoy this sci-fi survival horror experience.

When will the Dead Space remake release?

The Dead Space remake currently does not have a definitive release date. According to EA, the title is still early in development. However, as a next-gen game being developed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, the earliest we can likely expect the Dead Space remake is 2022. Stay tuned for more details!


You've come a long way with Isaac Clarke and now you've reached the end of this horrifying yet awe-inspiring journey once again. The Dead Space remake pulls you in and refuses to let go, filling you with a sense of dread and wonder as you explore the dark corridors of the USG Ishimura. While the scares and jumps may feel familiar to veteran players, the visuals, sounds and overall experience feel fresh and impactful. If you haven't played Dead Space before, this is the perfect way to experience a modern survival horror classic for the first time. And if you have, it's still worth revisiting. Turn off the lights, put on your headset and prepare to face the horrors of deep space all over again. The Dead Space remake is a masterclass in atmosphere, action and sheer terror that deserves to be experienced by any fan of science fiction or horror.

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