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Welcome to the sunny island of Dead Island 2, where the dead outnumber the living and zombie outbreaks are the new normal! As you can guess, this isn't a vacation destination—it's a dangerous apocalypse survival adventure! How long can you last in this treacherous paradise?

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush and some serious zombie-slaying action, then the sequel to Techland's popular zombie open-world game might just be what you need. Dead Island 2 is an intense co-op survival experience that allows up to eight players to join forces and fight off hordes of undead.

In this review, we'll explore all the nooks and crannies of this popular post-apocalyptic game and decide if it's worth your gaming time. We'll go through everything from story and gameplay to graphics and sound. So grab your ax because we're about to dive into the world of Dead Island 2!

Dead Island 2: Zombie Slaying Paradise

Are you ready for a zombie-slaying paradise? Dead Island 2 brings all the blood and gore of the original game, with all-new levels of zombie-filled fun!

The sequel to Techland's smash hit gives you new weapons, skills and a tropical paradise backdrop to take on the undead hordes. You'll find yourself in California, where four playable characters drive the action. Each of these heroes has their own set of unique abilities, allowing you to customize your character's combat strategies. Glide through battles with Blaze's dual blades or maul your enemies with Rogue's heavy weapons—the possibilities for zombie-slaying are endless!

The game also incorporates a deep crafting and customization system that lets you build deadly weapons from random items found in the world. You can craft baseball bats spiked with nails or blunt swords that will send zombies flying across the map—this is zombie pelting at its finest.

It's time to grab your favorite weapon and head into battle against the undead hordes in Dead Island 2—zombie slaying paradise awaits!

Exploring the Open World Map of Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 boasts a vast open-world map that is ever-changing and alive with dynamic elements. You can venture out into the vast expanse of abandoned areas and explore what lies beneath. From zombie-infested palaces to dilapidated churches, no part of the game will seem like a retreaded location, and each location you explore holds a unique story waiting to be told.

The game also does a great job of creating an atmosphere filled with tension and excitement. Every corner you traverse could bring a surprise—be it a horde of zombies or helpful NPCs with valuable information. The map's dynamic elements ensure that you can never get too comfortable in one place and have to be on your toes at all times.

The visuals in Dead Island 2 are also done wonderfully. You get to see lush forests, snow-capped mountains, sprawling deserts, mysterious underground facilities and much more during your travels. With all of these different environments seamlessly integrated into the game, they create an immersive experience that feels almost real at times!

Weapons and Combat: Hack, Slash and Blast Your Way

When it comes to weapons and combat in Dead Island 2, you'll feel like an absolute badass. There are more than 50 weapons of destruction in Dead Island 2 and they range from baseball bats to shotguns and beyond. Each weapon has its own unique set of special effects and can be combined with other items such as explosives or blades. You can even craft unique weapons by combining items together!

Weapon Classes

The weapons in the game can belong to one of five classes: Melee, Thrown, Firearm, Explosive and Special. Each weapon class has its own unique set of abilities, ranging from increased damage to improved accuracy. The explosiveness of the explosives class will help you cause large amounts of destruction against your enemies while the firearm class is great for long-range combat. The special class offers some truly unique weapons that can be used to do things like create shockwaves or shoot lightning bolts at your enemies!

Combat System

The combat system in Dead Island 2 is incredibly satisfying, with plenty of ways to take down your enemies. You have the ability to hack, slash and blast your way through hordes of zombies using a range of powerful attacks like jump kicks or ground slams. And if things get too hairy, you can always use the environment to give you a tactical edge such as setting up trip wires or throwing objects at your opponents!

With its vast selection of weapons and satisfyingly chaotic combat system, Dead Island 2 gives players plenty of ways to fight their way through the zombie hordes and get out alive!

Character Progression and Skill Trees

Dead Island 2 is an action role-playing game, and character progression is an important element of the gameplay. You're able to customize how your character looks, and you can customize its abilities by using the game's skill tree system. You can choose from multiple weapon types and distribute points into various skills to upgrade your character, giving you the capacity to become more powerful as you progress.

The game's skill trees are separated into three distinct categories: weapons, survival, and fury. With the weapons tree, you can improve your character's proficiency with all types of weapons. The survival tree allows you to become more agile and improve your health bar and stamina levels. And finally, the fury tree lets you choose abilities that increase your damage output in combat situations.

By investing in these skills trees, you can tailor your character to suit your playstyle and become more powerful as you progress through the game. As an added bonus, Dead Island 2 also allows you to exchange skill points with other players which adds another layer of depth to the game's character progression system.

Is the Story in Dead Island 2 Worth Following?

Let's talk about the story for a minute. It's fair to say that Dead Island 2 isn't winning any awards for its story. The main plot is pretty basic and predictable -- you're dropped into the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and your goal is to survive and make it out alive. There are some interesting twists and turns along the way, but overall it's not overly compelling.

That said, there are some fun moments if you take the time to explore side-quests and conversations with the many NPCs scattered around the various locations. You'll often find yourself in funny situations as you try to get out of danger or complete tasks for people who might not even be alive later on in the game! Plus, as you progress through Dead Island 2's main quest-line, you'll unlock new skills so that you can take on bigger challenges as your character grows stronger.

The story in Dead Island 2 isn't perfect by any means, but it does provide an entertaining backdrop and fun context that makes playing the game more enjoyable. So if you're looking for something to pass the time or just a bit of mindless zombie killing mayhem, this is definitely worth giving a shot!

Verdict: Is Dead Island 2 Worth Playing?

So, is Dead Island 2 worth taking for a spin? The answer depends on the kind of gamer you are. It's not the most polished game and does have its flaws but there's no denying that it has its moments of sheer brilliance and captivating entertainment.

If you're looking for an immersive story-driven experience with lots of plot progression, this game might not be for you. However, if you just want to have fun smashing zombie heads in with some friends, then Dead Island 2 does offer a worthwhile experience.

The environments are beautiful and diverse enough to keep things interesting. There's plenty of customization available and a large array of weapons to make your time in the game as enjoyable as possible. And while there aren't many new mechanics added from the previous games, it still stays faithful to its roots in the Dead Island series.

Overall, if you're into zombie bashing games with interesting characters and fun non-linear missions; then Dead Island 2 is definitely worth playing for both veterans and newcomers alike!


If you're looking for a zombie-filled adventure with great characters, amazing visuals, and a dynamic fighting style, then Dead Island 2 is definitely for you. You'll definitely get your money's worth with this game, and will have hours of fun playing. The story is gripping and the combat is intense, so you won't be disappointed.

Dead Island 2 is an impressive game, and if you're a fan of zombie games or just looking for a great game to sink your teeth into, then look no further. It offers intense combat, great visuals, and a compelling story that will keep you coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and join the fight to reclaim Dead Island.

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